Both Philip and Deniece are dentists graduated from the same school. They have decided to get married after graduate to start a new journey in their lives. I still remember the first day met with this couple, they were very friendly and Deniece kept smiling all the way, I guess she was happy to get married. The first time I met up with Philip, I can sense that he is a sentimental person, full of thoughts and emotions, while Deniece requires a little of a push hehe. So they told me about their story. All the while they were being very polite and real. They buy all my ideas and decided to go Hoi An for a shoot. 

It is very easy to communicate with them, I guess our friendship really shines after the day we did the shoot. We had all the shots taken in Hoi An town, though Philip is more reserve than Deniece but I guess he understood the value of the pictures so I think he tried very best that day, he were nervous I know but ended off he was one of the best guy I have seen. 

When a man being serious about what he is going to commit, they do great things, this is a beautiful thing of being a man. Philip Han, is a person with a bold heart, his bravery for anything possible inspires me. For some point, I have seen myself on him, a long time before, how I had admired someone I have loved so much before. Well that was 15 years ago hehe.

And Deniece, she is just a nice lady, filled with expectations but also with a thankful personality. I have learned a lot from her, which is everything we do, we need to carry a thankful heart. I am weak on describing this but she carries many good qualities.

The shots went very natural and truthful. This can be one of my most successful shots. It was raining at the end of the day and both Philip and Deniece was very nervous about the shots, and I was very excited because finally I can shoot some rains... you will find it difficult to understand me hehe, so I told them to calm down and so we went with a few umbrellas, and at the end of the day, Philip told me that his favorite was the rain session, hehe. I was like "Yes!". 

At the end of the delivery day, Philip and Deniece came over to Le Petit Studio and I invite them to sit down on the couch so preview the slideshow. They seemed to be quite emotional and Deniece felt the sweetness and Philip felt the boldness. Thanks for everything guys, there are simply too many stories to be told, space is not enough here to jot down everything. Looking forward to cover your wedding day!