Going step by step to complete Jerry and Carmen's wedding assignments, from pre-wedding in Japan, to this ROM ceremony in beautiful Carcosa Sri Negara, and later their couple portrait to remember their school days, and lastly their wedding day. All with different specific themes. Since I have made the pre-wedding an elegant one, this time just its something fun and cheesy, with some sweet colors since they opt for a rainbow theme. Many of my friends had asked me why they use a rainbow theme, I guess mainly because it is a day that this couple able to mingle together in a small group, those friends in the pictures are Carmen's very old friends and they called themselves "crazy gang", it is a very meaningful ceremony, where everyone able to sit together, enjoying a cup of tea, and most of the crazy gang peeps stood forward to share a little bits of their friendships and ended most of them cried, lots of laughter and tears, thanks to the very popular MC we had on that day, William, who made the event a meaningful and humorous one.