One day I was asked to participate for a wedding fair and just happened I was free on this day. At first I did not expect that I was selected as one of the 16 photographers in Malaysia for this event. First time ever in history, where a wedding fair focuses mainly in photography, its time to put the works to a test and I learned something great today. The test that I was mentioning was trying to see how the couples made their final decision to select us. We get to meet a lot of couples this morning and to be honest, it is hard to address everything that we strive to pursue here with so limited time span. The only thing that we can manage to sell are just beautiful pictures, not really the message behind the pictures we tried to created, therefore I know that I need to redo my booth next time, making it easier to break the barrier, giving the first impression simply not enough and couples that dropped by can only understand a little bit about you and simply do not have enough time to educate. 

There are simply many things can be done with given 10x10ft of space and we understand that showing beautiful pictures will no longer being an effective method for us, reason being we do not just sell pictures, we are selling an idea.

Thanks to Westin for giving this opportunity to allow us to grow and to experience. We wanted to thank you all for giving your support for us. It's simply amazing. :) We need to thank the team and my family that helped out today. Simply will be a very tiring day if I did this alone. Thanks to mom and dad that helped me during the morning setup, Kevin Tan for your accompany, lunch and some snaps, Cliff and Brenda who came over for some support. Really feel great for the team.