Waited for a while to capture this wedding, yes an island wedding reception, what else more to complaint, beautiful sunset, nice crowds and pretty aunties. We just had lots of fun today. To be honest, small weddings is something I love most where I love to see close friends and close relationship mingling around with laughters and tears. Though this is not held in pangkor laut next door, but what they have to offer is the beautiful sunset, and I asked my friend who is the manager of this hotel, it just cost Rm25,000 to held such a beautiful garden wedding. The only worries is just the logistics to get everyone to this island, hehe. It is better to hire a wedding planner for this. 

Shoot Rob & Chuen's pre-wedding a few months earlier, where Rob is an American born taiwanese, and Chuen met Rob in the States. Beautiful Chuen, she just look pretty even without a lot of make up on her (yes she didn't hire a make up artist), all they wanted is just the fun and laughers, even marching in with casual slippers is something a lot funnier than ordinary. It is an honor to capture one of the successful dad (unable to disclose here) daughter, where he took a few days off to witness her daughters wedding day. I did not had lots of time to swim, like always, I just couldn't get over with that I am actually working. Maybe next time. Now I need to rush back home the next day and create a slideshow for them. Another church wedding of theirs is coming up 2 days later.