Though Chuen look very strong but she does cries, touched by the holiness in this vintage setting of St. Andrew's church. It is different from the Pangkor garden wedding, this day is pretty much quite a quiet and holy event, where people came over to witness the beauty of love, all pure and emotional. Due to the feeling I had on this day, I extended the slideshow to provide a different feeling, starting from active and hyper theme, then slowly moving to an emotional theme for the dinner in pangkor, then moved to a peaceful and holiness theme for the church wedding, making the slide a complete one, a gradual residing feeling from start to the end. It turned out the slide over 15 minutes long, simply too many nice pictures to show lol. This church is one of the tough ones to cover where we given a very restricted access to many places but thanks to my shooter Ben, it turned out pretty well that day. Another blessed day for Rob & Chuen. Love to see her smile, and Rob did had the same impression, that she really look like a mashimaru when she smiled.