There are so much to spoke about this lovely couple. Boon and Marianne are both working in Australia since after school, and when I heard about the city Melbourne, what comes to my mind is that this city had been creating a lot of lovely couples where I always describe Melbourne as the city that is great to fall in love. When I first step into Marianne's home very early in the morning, I found a piece of wall, filled with pictures, I paused a little while to take a look on each of them and straight away I knew which was Marianne. Like how Marianne's dad describe Marianne during his speech, where he brought up some of the obvious characteristics of her having a sexy lips, I immediately agreed to that and laughed. Yes, that was some sexy lips, Boon you are so fortunate! Marianne's parents are really a sweet, I was so touchy when her dad handed over her baby dress over to Marianne as a gift, that was some great message to tell. Right after we went to over to Boon's home, we encountered a massive number of picture lovers where everyone were crazily taking pictures or asked to capture their pictures, we were so busy, but all in all, I indeed cherish every moment because in this day of revolution, picture lovers are good customers, they define our existence. Thanks Boon and Marianne, looking forward to capture your anniversary shots in Melbourne very soon.