Met this couple during Prince Hotel wedding fair and they signed up our package during that day. How Wawa found me was during my previous trip to Seoul when I was editing my pictures on the plane, but during that time she did not bumped for my name card LOL. As both of them are from the magazine industries, they have a specific expectation from their pictures so it was interesting to hear how they have spoke about the pictures. This time in Seoul I decided to stay in a traditional Korean guest house as I have never tried before, and we did a lot of shopping together with Remy as she is filled with hope and joy during that time because of her wedding preparation. We had lots of fun during this trip, just a little sad that Sakura was a little late this month and only blossom 3 days after the shooting day, but it turned out to be a different series after all. This is a very unique trip where I get to know some new friends in Korea. That was the trip where I began interested to start my Korean venture, and went back to take up Korean classes, maybe one day I could venture my business here. Maybe many does not know what I had gone through during this trip, for my close friends they understood how significant this trip were meant for me, I will not forget about this mind fulfilling week we had.