I can say that this is one of my favourite series, reason being is not about how great I like about the shot, is about how real true they are, both Fong Sheng and Melannie are architects by profession, from my experience architectures tends to be a little nerdy in their expectations. But we had discussed so many about the shot and they are just being very corporative to my suggestions, I guess is about the trust that we able to develop between each other before the shoot. During the shoot, we managed to put those things aside and just enjoy every moment of the day, make it the best day they had in their lives. It is very meaningful to me, really really important for my styles that able to achieve through their genuine nature. There are no cries in this session, just enjoyment, a new memories they are about to create, and allow me to create based on those real moments of theirs. We are like a good team together that able to make this happened. I have discovered so much about myself in this day, that I am still alive and still able to see love in a true and naive manner. The sunset shot just took my breath away, I couldn't imagine that this place that Melannie picked were so divine, as this is a private premises, I guess I can only produce once. Love you all. You guys are just great.