Do I do any Boudoir Photography? Yes I do, just only that they are not published. Recalling back those series that I have done, they are all different in order to meet different expectations of the individual. For this time I am given a limited permission to post some samples to collect some memories. I believe the perspective off from a male photographer is rather different, though female can produce another form of perspectives but I do believe that a male are more sensitive towards these kind of shots, in a specific way. As for this individual, the reason she approached me was because she does not want to have those Japanese AV looking style that most people shoot, thats right, I totally agree with her and what we did was rather a more mature style that able to expresses her in total, bringing out her inner beauty together with the outer, so that she can remember her own beauty after many years later. I know that many would like to have a personal series of their own but those that have the courage to ask definitely seeking for something important about her. I can still recall my very first Boudoir assignment many years back, where I was surprised with the profession as a photographer, we are actually given that great amount of trust in order to produce the outcome that the individual expected. That made me thinking for a while, and those are the great responsibilities we hold, for creation.

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