CK and Irene, I always smile when I think about them, this sweet couple bears a lot of inner content within them, the one who has the most inner content is always the bride of course hehe. When we first spoke about the location for the shoot, we gone through several and finally we decided to use Troika for her gown shot, to create something simple and nice and focus more about their emotions. I was quite amazed on how the pictures had turned out to be, as Irene is a property negotiator, choosing a location like this is really easy and that well matches their profession. In order to make their pictures filled with inner content, I have personally crunched the idea several times due to Irene's deep personality, for CK he is pretty much simple and easy going, both reflected a good contrast for each other and both emotionally supportive in nature; CK provides Irene the love she wanted, and Irene provides the understanding that CK needs. I had once trying to crunch about how this couple mingle with each other many years before as they have been together for many years, I guess "TIME", is a major content in this series. So we travel through several periods of time, the past and the future, in order to create this series, where the subconscious play a major role within the picture. It may have seen that from the outward expression that Irene is being easy, but the most valuable thing is whats on her mind when she look at it, and how valuable she felt about the session. Happy for you both CK and Irene, happy forever~