Alfred & Aenon got me into a couple portrait session while I enhanced it into a Beloved Session for them. Yes we do offer Beloved portraitures, well as you all might be wondering what is a Beloved Portrait is all about, well this is a empowered portraiture session that we invite you to see yourself and the person in front of you with kindness and compassion through my vision and through your own vision. It is not those torturing session where you have to pose in order to achieve a good result, in this session, you will be experiencing another level of experience of being photographed, a session like no other, it rewrites the story of being in the photo, a fabulous effects that you may feel yourself changed, or enhanced, after the session. During the session, Alfred and Aenon have been invited into a world filled with exploration and hope, a feeling of being connected in another dimension. It is not like another model shoot, as your stories is going to chine through, exploring through my lens and through your own emotions, just in a short 2 hours session. :)