One of the greatest and funniest couple that I have ever encountered. I guess this is the last one, after capturing their pre-wedding in Kyoto, couple portrait in their high school, and ROM in Carcosa Sri Negara, this day, they want to make it big. Both Jerry and Carmen had being together for many many years, I mean it, many many years since high school, both of them used to exchange lunch box in school, yes we did that reviving session few months back. After witnessed their long wedding arrangements, we have been so close together, I really believe that Jerry is really the one who is suitable for her, Jerry has a very big heart which can accept her in any ways, no matter what she did or how clumsy she is, Jerry is always the one who provide her comfort and love, that made Carmen the most fortunate one. How I know Carmen, had to recall back old memories while I was shooting her best friends ROM in Singapore, and this girl Carmen is always the noisiest in the gang, that caught my attention and she kept on asking me to capture her moments. And soon later Carmen attended few of my workshops and began to love photography, before Carmen was a super busy lady working in a corporate world doing forex stuffs and got inspired by me and began to venture something that she really love to do, she quit her job and venture into wedding planning. I did not know I had such powerful skills. Haha... and what she does had really made me believe on what I am doing, to do something we all love to do and feel meaningful about it. 

I really feel very happy during that day as we all laughed like a good friends, well after so many assignments they have engaged, I guess we sort of really able to blend in like a best friend, it is easier for me to be able to enhance those experience for them, according to their own personality. However, behind many laughters, of course there are many tears, understood those background of them, really made me appreciate this happy day of them. Are you able to relate how I feel? I guess only the person who knows them will be able to relate it. 

Happy for you Jerry & Carmen, I know we will still stay in touch and I am sure there will be many opportunities to come soon!